Model Update

June 04

Its been a while but here is my first pass of shading/texture almost complete. It needs a few more coats of paint but its getting there.


April 14

Here is my first Motion Test with no Binding – just Parented Geo to the joints to see what I need to adjust. Adjustments aplenty…


April 3

March 20 update



March 11 update

Here is a update for a side project I am working on in my spare time. Its just the rough geo but its starting to take shape. I hope to do some Mocap for this guy in the future and bring him to life.

Feb 24 update

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Another WIP

This is a shot from a series that I have been picking away at. 100% CG shots are way harder that I anticipated – This one is starting to get very frustrating! I just cant seem to get it where I want too….

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Old Resurrected Project

Here are some assets I have just recently started working on again. These are for some live action shots I had in mind a year or two ago and I’m going to try to keep plugin’ away on these for the next while in my spare time.

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Some Animatics from the past year or so. I have a bunch more of these somewhere I’m going to try and find. These suckers are invaluable for saving time and getting your vision across to people involved with a project – Hand gestures and verbal sound effects just don’t cut it some times.

A previs animatic for the Sherpas Cinema Brand ID. Due to time Constraints I had to axe the first bit but the rest stayed fairly similar.


This is a animatic I created for Fly Over Canada. We were doing some previs for a animation that would show people how the experience works.


Previs for a couple of shots for the Pipe Segment in Into the Mind. Unfortunately time didn’t allow us to finish any of these shots. Check out the vid below – I only had time to start one of the shots and didn’t make it far but it should give you a idea of how it was going to look.




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Kona Bikes – Process 2014

A recent quick titles project for Kona Bikes for the 2014 Process.

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I haven’t use this blog for a long time but I’m going to try and post some Work In Progress and smaller projects in here.

I have been working on a series of Urban Night shots with vehicles. Here some early WIPs I have been working on.

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Farewell my little render farm

A couple of years ago Scotty and I needed to kick things up a notch in the render department, things were taking to long. We found a great place to buy bulk off lease workstations so we pick up fifteen of these bad boys (well they were at the time). We then picked up a 24 port gigabit switch and we were off to the races. We could now use these machines to render while we continued to work freeing up tons of time and making things way quicker and we were no longer staring at progress bars all day.

Last fall when I made the move out of Rossland I inherited these machines and set them up in the basement. Now that I live in a shoe box in Vancouver I have no room for the render farm so I had to say farewell :( . Back to rendering on my workstation, booooooo.

It is suprisingly simple to get one of these things going if you have some spare cash and a bit of room.

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