Some Animatics from the past year or so. I have a bunch more of these somewhere I’m going to try and find. These suckers are invaluable for saving time and getting your vision across to people involved with a project – Hand gestures and verbal sound effects just don’t cut it some times.

A previs animatic for the Sherpas Cinema Brand ID. Due to time Constraints I had to axe the first bit but the rest stayed fairly similar.


This is a animatic I created for Fly Over Canada. We were doing some previs for a animation that would show people how the experience works.


Previs for a couple of shots for the Pipe Segment in Into the Mind. Unfortunately time didn’t allow us to finish any of these shots. Check out the vid below – I only had time to start one of the shots and didn’t make it far but it should give you a idea of how it was going to look.




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