Red One Vs Canon Digital Rebel T2i

Ok so I know this is a $30k camera rig vs a sub $1k camera rig but I was really surprised what the little Rebel T2i is capable of. I did a bit of shooting for a TV show intro that is all about vintage guitars. I decided to shoot some on the rebel and some on the Red. What I found out was a little shocking – the rebel isn’t all that bad. Granted I am not the most proficient camera operator or lighting expert but I can usually make things work they way I visualize to some degree.

The rebel has a few really glaring handicaps. First the rolling shutter makes this camera almost unusable in handheld, dolly or crane situations. There are a few little things I found that can decrease this effect by shooting a little wider and I noticed if you use the 60fps function it doesn’t show much (I like a things a little slower sometimes anyway). Forget using anything resembling telephoto unless its locked off. For what it is worth too I have noticed a bit of a rolling shutter on the Red One the last few times I have used one. I can only notice it on extremely fast moving objects and is really not a issue but it does still exist.

Also the Rebel captures in h264 format which is a great delivery codec but not exactly ideal for intermediate. I will say though that it is a very high quality h264 that has some leverage in post but nothing like Red Raw. For me this is always a bad thing, I am still trying to improve my shooting skills and it forces me try to get the shot right when I pull the trigger as opposed to saving it in post.

There are a few other little things that bug me about the rebel for shooting video like the view finder on the back is almost unusable in day light without shading it somehow and of course the form factor is obviously for stills (fair enough, it is a stills camera after all). But for under one thousand bucks this is a extremely capable camera that you can mix and match footage with much higher end cameras (to some degree).

Here are a few clips below, they are not directly comparable but its a little food for thought and you should get the idea. Also Scotty did a great job cutting the intro, I’ll post a link to the intro he created as soon as I can.

Canon Digital Rebel T2i Sample

Red One Sample

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